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Las Vegas Shows - Buffet - Entertainment
Reviews and Visitor Tips
Make The Most Out of Your Visit to The City of Lights

John Kinde
World Class Entertainers
 Low to Moderate Price Shows

Other Great Shows

Low Priced Buffets

Medium Priced Buffets

High Priced Buffets & Dining with a View

Sights to See

Best Shopping Malls


Smart Play in the Casinos

Best Place to Win Money

1. Low to moderate price shows:

  1. Legends in Concert ($50-$60), Harrahs, 702-369-5111. I heard it was a fabulous show and it exceeded my expectations. Impersonators who really sing, no lip-sync. The audience loved the show. They rotate different acts in the show. I've seen it five times.
  2. The Platters, Coasters and Marvelettes ($50-$73), Sahara, 702-737-2515. Motown and rock & roll. Excellent.
  3. Mac King ($25), Harrahs, 702-369-5111. Afternoon shows only. Not a big-time illusion show, but one of the most entertaining magician on the strip.
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2. Other great shows:

John Kinde
Beautiful Showgirls
  1. Mystere ($69-$109), Treasure Island, 702-894-7722. One of six Cirque Du Soleil productions on the strip. In my opinion, the best of the six. Out of this world. My favorite show in Vegas.
  2. O ($94-$150), Bellagio, 702-693-7068. Cirque du Soleil. Amazing show.
  3. Terry Fator ($59-$129), Mirage, 702-792-7777. Impressionist and ventriloquist. Amazing. A must see.
  4. Jersey Boys ($63-$200), Palazzo, 702-414-9000. Music of the Four Seasons. Top reviews.
  5. Barry Manilow ($95-$225), Las Vegas Hilton, 800-222-5361. Las Vegas entertainment at its best. Terrific show. You'll love it.
  6. Ka, Cirque du Soleil production. Amazing stage. ($76-$160). MGM Grand 702-531-3826.
  7. The Beatles LOVE ($103-$165), One of Cirque du Soleil's newest at the Mirage, 800-963-9634.
  8. Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian ($69-$158), $40 million theater. Outstanding, 866-641-7469.
  9. Many occasionally scheduled headliners are excellent. Check to see who is in town when you are visiting.
  10. Le Reve ($121). A Cirque du Soleil type show at Wynn Las Vegas, 888-320-7110. 
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3. Low priced buffets (dinner under $10):

NOTE: Prices on all buffets vary depending on day of week and holidays.
  1. Palace Station, best value in Vegas (price/quality).
  2. Checkout the "locals" casinos which ring the city.
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4. Medium priced buffets (dinner under $20):

  1. Green Valley Ranch, best Station Casino Buffet.
  2. Palms, very interesting menu. A change of pace. Reduced size during remodel but still very good.
  3. Orleans, a menu with variety. Very good.
  4. Rio. Has been upgraded and is back on my list. Excellent.
  5. Sunset Station and Silverton recently remodeled. New menu at both is now excellent.
  6. Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Main Street Station, Golden Nugget very good.
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5. High priced buffets & dining with a view (dinner $20 and up, lunch under $20 in most cases):

  1. Paris, my favorite buffet in Las Vegas, serving stations theme Provinces of France. Tops. Better seafood than specialty seafood buffets. All restaurants at Paris recommended.
  2. Bellagio. Excellent.
  3. M Resort. One of our newest casinos. Coming from Los Angeles, it's the first casino on your right as you enter Las Vegas (St Rose Parkway exit). Excellent buffet.
  4. Aladdin. Excellent. Middle Eastern station provides variety not found at most.
  5. Mirage and MGM Grand, Excellent. Treasure Island, not big, but excellent.
  6. Wynn Las Vegas. Steve Wynn's new resort. Awesome buffet.
  7. Excellent Non-buffet restaurants with a view of the strip. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Make a reservation 45 minutes before sunset. Ask for a window table. Watch the strip light up as the sun goes down. Expect to pay $100+ for dinner for two. Paris, in the Eiffel Tower. Rio, The Voo Doo Cafe. Stratosphere, revolving restaurant in the top of the tower. There are dozens of great restaurants in Las Vegas. These are my three favorites with a scenic view. Although the Stratosphere has the most awesome view, the dining and the view are great at all three.
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6. Sights to see:

  1. Top of the Stratosphere Tower. Recommend the view at night. Revolving restaurant. Dinner is high price. Lunch menu is under $20. About $8 to take the elevator if you are just going for the view.
  2. Fountains at Bellagio. Free. Best seen at night. Also visit the Atrium just off the lobby while you're there.
  3. Fremont Street Experience. Millions of light bulbs illuminate a four-block long canopy. Downtown. Free.
  4. Antique Car Show at Imperial Palace. Very impressive. $7.
  5. Liberace Museum, $15. If you are a Liberace fan, you will enjoy it. 1775 East Tropicana. 702-798-5595. Free shuttle service.
  6. Art Museum at Bellagio, $15.
  7. Venetian. Check out the hotel registration lobby and the gondolas in the shopping mall.
  8. Silverton. Free acquarium shows. Incredible sporting goods store (Bass Pro Shoppes).
  9. Rio. Free Mardi Gras style Show In The Sky. Free.
  10. Luxor, spectacular one-of-a-kind pyramid building. IMAX theatre.
  11. Aquarium, Shark Reef, Mandalay Bay. $16.
  12. Hoover Dam. About 45 minute drive from Vegas. Very interesting tour and worth the trip.
  13. Mt Charleston. Less than a one-hour drive will take you from the desert to a pine-tree, log-cabin resort area. Expect snow in the winter. Enjoy dinner or lunch at the lodge. A change-of-pace from the Las Vegas scene.
  14. Grand Canyon, five-hour drive. Helicopter tours available from Las Vegas.
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7. Best shopping malls:

  1. Venetian, Grand Canal Shoppes.
  2. Caesers Palace. Forum Shops.
  3. Planet Hollywood, The Miracle Mile.
  4. Fashion Show just north of Treasure Island.
  5. Las Vegas Outlet Center, 7400 S Las Vegas Blvd, well served by taxi cabs.
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8. Transportation:

  1. If you are not driving to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or Mt Charleston, do not rent a car. The best way to get around the strip and to downtown is by taxi cabs. Cabs are more convenient (they drop you at the front door of your destination) and are about the same price as renting a car.
  2. The monorail provides service between the MGM Grand and Sahara/Convention Center.
  3. Bus service on the strip and to downtown is good and inexpensive, although I prefer the convenience and service of a cab.
  4. The Gold Coast (next to Palms and Rio) has a free shuttle to the strip.
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9. Smart play in the casinos:

  1. If you gamble just for fun and don't care if you can stop reading now. Have a great time!
  2. If you play just to win and don't enjoy can stop reading now. Find another way to pass your time.
  3. If you want to improve your odds because you love to on.
  4. Learn how to play. Many people never do their homework. Let's say you're going to play Blackjack. Wouldn't it make sense to study how to play the game? Learn which games have the best odds. Learn which bets in a game have the lowest house percentage and which bets are losers.
  5. Know your limits, or how much you are willing to lose and still be happy about the experience. Anytime you are totally bummed out about your losses, you're doing something wrong. Never think of a bank ATM as part of a winning strategy. For some people, a fun gambling limit is less than $50. For others it's $1000 or more.
  6. Never chase your losses. Don't gamble more money solely in an attempt to win back your losses.
  7. Avoid negative thinking and loser language. "The dealer always draws the cards he needs." Or, "Honey, I'll be up to the room as soon as I lose this fifty bucks."
  8. Practice casino feng shui. Be nice to the dealer and the other players. If you don't like the dealer or if other players aren't playing the way you think they should be, don't let it affect you. Bad vibes repel good luck. If necessary, politely look for another table.
  9. Streaks exist when they're over. You're never in the middle of a streak. Every bet is a new wager and the odds are the same as the previous bet. Every turn of a wheel, toss of the dice, turn of a card is an independent event. I've seen 14 tens in a row come out of a blackjack shoe. I've seen five players in a row all get blackjacks. I've lost 16 hands in a row in blackjack. Just because you lost ten blackjack hands in a row, doesn't mean you'll probably win the next one. I've thought that and lost six more consecutive hands.
  10. Know when to quit. If you don't know when to quit, you will ALWAYS lose.
  11. Be a half winner. A good strategy is to quit when you have won half as much as you were willing to lose. If your gambling limit for a vacation was $200, quit gambling after you win $100. Easier said than done, but it's a formula that will keep you ahead of the game.
  12. Your bankroll is no match for the casino's. Understand the cycles of the game. You win...and you lose. As your fortune cycles up and down, you'll never break the bank of the house. But they can (and will) break yours...unless you're Bill Gates...or unless you have the will power to quit while you're ahead.
  13. Keep your focus. If you're going to gamble, don't drink alcohol. Keep your eye on the game, not on the cocktail waitress. If you want to watch the game on the big screen, go to a lounge or a sports book. Don't do it while you're playing at the tables. Don't be distracted by the cabaret show in the lounge. The casinos are full of distractions: Hot cocktail servers in skimpy outfits serving free drinks, high-energy lounge acts, your favorite team on a big screen TV, bells and whistles on slot machines. All within view of your favorite gaming table or machine.
  14. The odds favor the house. In the long run you can't win. If you figured out a way to consistently win, and the secret got out, they'd change the rules. But in the short run, by playing smart and managing your money, you CAN win (occasionally) and you can have fun. I know the odds favor the house and I play anyway. I enjoy it. Some years I win. Some years I lose. But I never lose the farm. The cows would never forgive me.
  15. Control your environment. If you can't control your gambling, don't move to Las Vegas. If you have a gambling problem and live in Las Vegas...move to Fargo.
  16. Bottom line: If it's always fun, you're probably doing it right!
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10. Best place to win money:

  1. Still looking.
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