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Energize Your Teams and Build Relationships
with Humor Skills for
Better Thinking . . . Better Speaking . . . Better Living!

John Kinde.  Professional speaker and humorist from Las Vegas.  Convention keynotes and meetings.  Humor skills, customer service, teambuilding.
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Getting maximum value for your meeting and convention dollar is your top priority. In addition to wanting a keynote or motivational speaker who connects with the audience, you know exactly what your meeting should achieve. You've selected strategic information which you want to be delivered in a clear, inspirational and entertaining way. You want to ensure that attendees leave your event with fresh ways of thinking and more productive ways of dealing with your current challenges. You don't want to lie awake at night worrying that the speaker you've selected will put people to sleep.

A Las Vegas Speaker and Entertainer. If your event is in Las Vegas, you save money because there are no airfare and hotel expenses for your speaker.

You're concerned that your conference is top-heavy on technical content. You're looking for an energizing change-of-pace program to jump start your meeting; one which will keep people energized, focused and set the tone for the entire event.

You want a memorable program which produces results. You are searching for program content that people will talk about long after the meeting is over. You want program content that causes people to do things differently. You want your attendees to be so excited about the program that they will want to return the next time you meet.

You want to avoid costly mistakes. Perhaps you've been stung by a presenter in the past. Maybe you had a high-energy cheerleader or a public-speaker robot on autopilot who didn't connect with the audience and who recited the same motivational stories and clichés you've already heard. Maybe you've had a speaker whose off-target humor came back to bite you. Or maybe you had a presenter who didn't have a clue who was in the audience. Maybe you remember a painfully forgettable speaker. You would like to remember a presenter for the right reasons.

If you've had any of these concerns, listen to what our clients have said about John's programs:

"Our senior management team much appreciated the fact that you took time to learn about us, the business we're in, and our future direction. The fact that you were able to weave our business objectives and challenges into your presentation, while capturing the interest and attention of our employees, set the tone for a memorable meeting. You've truly mastered the art of blending a business message with a humorous touch."
Steve McDermott, President and CEO, Hill Physicians Medical Group

"Your message was on the mark and the results can already be observed! I really appreciate how you tailored and individualized your presentation for our group."
David A. Schaad, Farm Service Agency, USDA

"The perfect kick-off...Your program was just what we needed to set the tone for the remainder of the conference. The time you took to understand our organization and current situation was evident in the relevant nature of your material."
Robert K. Banks, Sr. Vice President, Real Estate, Albertsons, Inc.

"I stand in admiration of your skill in shaping this program around our district's particular needs. That ability, coupled with so many humorous references to administrators in our audience, made our retreat very special. Your message on change was most timely and on target."
Elizabeth Cooper, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

"I appreciate your personalized approach. It was as if you knew us as a school, as a group, and as individuals. Many staff members have approached me since our inservice to offer very positive comments about your contribution to lifting morale. You were a hit."
Sandra L. Barbier, past Assistant Principal, Oxnard High School

You don't want the same old program. You know that your own industry or in-house speakers, although subject experts, often don't have the delivery style which brings their presentations to life. And you know that an outside speaker can bring you fresh perspectives. Yet you feel, when looking for an outside speaker, that there are so many choices you don't know which way to turn. You may feel that arranging a great program is complicated.

Energizing your event is not rocket science!

Meet John Kinde. He grew up as a quiet Norwegian kid from North Dakota. After college, John began a career as a launch officer in an underground launch center for nuclear missiles. There, through dedicated study, he learned humor skills for coping with the real and artificial stresses of the job. Although his primary job might have been considered rocket science, he learned that developing a good sense of humor was not.

John has an MBA in Personnel Administration and he is an award-winning speaker who learned the humor business and stress management from square one. A lifetime in the training business, he can teach humor empowerment skills to others. He has taught over 1000 hours of improv-skill-building workshops. People attending your meeting will rediscover the joys of life and gain insights for building strong relationships and teams.

John Kinde

Meeting planners who have John Kinde open their Las Vegas conventions discover that fresh energy travels back home! In fact, wherever you hold your meeting, you're guaranteed that new perspectives and lasting impact will be taken back to the workplace.

Humor Power programs are different.

Open your meeting with original and compelling stories to make significant learning points—refreshingly funny—always in good taste. John has a natural delivery technique, a conversational style which connects with your audience; not the style of a stereotypical motivational speaker, overly-choreographed and mechanically enthusiastic. He presents content which involves the listeners. His topic expertise is based on education and experience—not just a book report or someone reviewing the stuff you've already read. He provides a focus on humor as a way of looking at life and gives you techniques for fine tuning your humor radar to rediscover the fun in life. He examines the secrets of changing situations and relationships from the inside out. He will connect the punchline to your bottom line. You will have relevant program content which meets your needs.

Create a buzz at your next event!

"You were the perfect keynote speaker...Your message came through loud and clear...left everyone with just the right attitude for the rest of the conference...People were still talking about your presentation two days later at our banquet."
Bob Norton, past Staff Vice President, Pacific South National Management Association

"This week (one month later) I still heard attendees talking about your presentation."
Robert K. Banks, Senior Vice President, Real Estate, Albertsons, Inc.

"Our staff members are still talking about how uplifting and positive the orientation was this year."
Dr Thomas Henry, Kern County Schools

"The week after the retreat, staff members were still repeating some of your lines."
Angela Pernatozzi, Executive Director, Classroom on Wheels

Does John Kinde have the background and experience to speak to your group?

Tell me more about programs available for my event.

Get Two Special Reports:
"Show Me the Funny" and "What To Do When They Don't Laugh"
Plus a Humor-Skills Ezine!

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